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Bedrooms at Casa Marlin Azul offer discerning guests intimate havens where they can fully relax and unwind. Retreat into your own private sanctuary in the carefully planned out bedrooms that reflect the beauty of the East Cape. Local artisanal décor compliments the landscape viewed from the windows and function as a ceaseless reminder that you’re vacationing in Baja California Sur. Slip under the covers and lay your head back as you dream of the adventure that awaits when you will awaken.


Named after local catch, the four bedrooms mirror the spirit of the East Cape. The Marlin Azul, Dorado, and Pargo Bedrooms can accommodate up to two guests each while the Sardinas Bedroom can accommodate up to five guests. Casa Marlin Azul is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate up to 11 people, but it is ideally suited for 4 couples (2 in each of the four bedrooms).



Identifiable by its relaxing blue décor, the Marlin Azul (Spanish for Blue Marlin) Bedroom is one of our two master suites and is a great place to watch the sunset. You’ll love letting the gentle roll of the waves lull you to sleep in the Marlin Azul Bedroom.


This room comes equipped with a king size bed, reading chair, full en suite bathroom with beautifully decorated double sinks as well as a shower, and large closet. You also have direct access to the office area and is located away from all of the other bedrooms. Sliding glass doors lead out to the patio and onto the beach. The ocean is visible from both the sliding glass doors and the window above the bed.

Marlin Azul Room


Featuring vibrant décor, the Dorado Bedroom is another master suite located on the opposite side of the house.


Sunrises kiss the Dorado Bedroom with a warm golden glow, making it the perfect bedroom for early risers who like to be the first out on the ocean to catch fish. It has a king size bed, reading chair, full en suite bathroom with double sinks and a shower, and large closet.


The Dorado Bedroom also has sliding glass doors that lead out to the patio and onto the beach. The ocean is visible from the sliding glass doors, and the window above the bed provides views of both the mountain range and ocean.

Dorado Room


With two twin beds side by side, the Pargo (Spanish for Red Snapper) Bedroom has a great desert view of Flat Top Mountain.


The twin beds can be pushed together to create a larger bed or left separated. Perfect for young or old alike, the Pargo Bedroom has plenty of storage in a large closet as well as a full en suite bathroom with a shower.


This room is positioned right next to the pool table area, making it a perfect choice for visitors who like to be close to the action. The Pargo Bedroom also has easy access to the kitchen, which can be ideal for those who enjoy midnight snacks (Guac anyone?)

Pargo Room


Situated next to the Dorado Bedroom, the Sardinas (Spanish for Sardine) Bedroom offers a bunk bed with plenty of sleeping options: a twin bed above a full-size bed, which holds another full-size trundle bed beneath.


The Sardinas bedroom has desert and mountain views out of the window and also comes equipped with a comfy reading chair and large closet. This is an ideal bedroom for a couple, families traveling with young children, or friends out on an adventurous fishing trip. It has easy access to the Dorado’s and Pargos’ bathrooms as it is positioned between them.

Sardinas Room