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Giving Back
Rancho Leonero Resort
  • Pool

  • Hammocks

  • Beach Access

  • Snorkeling

  • Restaurant

  • Bar

  • Fishing License

Rancho Leonero is a family favorite spanning several generations.  This is a great place to hang out after a long day’s fishing, and it has arguably the best margaritas in the East Cape. Their bar also stocks some local craft beer, including mouthwatering Baja Brewing Company IPAs. Take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful view by going for a dip in the resort’s pool or lounging in the hammocks. Rancho Leonero will gladly let you use their facilities as long as you stick around to have a drink or bite to eat. Ask them about rib night, which is normally on a Friday night. They mesquite grill tender and juicy ribs outside in the old method (all you can eat) and serve them with beans, roasted vegetables, and perfectly cooked potato on the side. Don’t forget to make dinner reservations as this popular spot can fill up on weekends. The chefs will even grill or make ceviche from your catch of the day. Sunsets at Rancho Leonero are magnificent and there is also good snorkeling off their beach.  You can also get fishing licenses here.  


Notable Staff Members: Joel is especially good at making margaritas. Don’t forget to say “Hi from Don Barry” to Francisco and Joel at the bar.  


Directions from Casa Marlin Azul: Rancho Leonero is located only a twenty-minute walk north up the beach from Casa Marlin Azul or a 7 or so minute drive north along the dirt road.  Marked by signs from the road, Rancho Leonero can also not be missed from the beach.

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort
  • Mineral Water Pool & Spa

  • Beach Access

  • Snorkeling

  • Kayaks

  • Paddle Boards

  • Restaurant

  • Swim Up Bar

  • Spa Services

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort has been welcoming fishermen in the East Cape since the 1970s. A very charming place with dozens of palm trees and lush tropical vegetation, the resort has a thermal mineral water pool and spa as well as beautiful views and immaculately kept grounds.  Breakfast and dinner are wonderful here. Try the guacamole and have a giant michelada at the resort’s swim up bar. Ask if they have anything special going and expect seasonal fluctuations in the menu. The day use fee is $20 USD for adults 12 years and older and $10 USD for children ages 6-11. Your day use entrance fee will be credited towards your purchase of food, beverages and activity center rentals. To enjoy the benefits of a day pass, simply check in and pay at the front desk. Remember to bring your own towel from the house as hotel pool towels are not available for day use guests. Hotel Buena Vista also offers kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling gear rentals from 10 AM – 7 PM daily (available earlier in the day upon request). 


Notable Staff Members: Felipe Valdez is the owner, along with the Valdez family, but Felipe more or less runs the place.  You may also see his brother Esaul. The waitresses are Esperanza and Claudia, among others.  Please say hi to the bartenders, Ramiro and Luis, from Don Barry.


Directions from Casa Marlin Azul:Keep going North from Casa Marlin Azul on the dirt road.  You’ll pass Hotel Rancho Leonero on your right, and you’ll also drive through two cattle ranches.  Keep going. It’s a bumpy road, but the shortest distance to Los Barriles.  Pass by, and disregard, several chances to turn left just keep going straight. You’ll eventually enter a residential area, and you are now in the village of Buena Vista.  Go until you cannot go further, and you’ll be coaxed to angle off to the left along “Main St.”  There are white stones and palm trees in the middle and the street is divided into two lanes.  Go until you have a chance to turn left or right and turn right.  You’ll soon see the entrance to Hotel Buena Vista.  Enter and park and walk down to the pool and restaurant.  


Hotel Rancho Buena Vista
  • Historic Landmark

  • Pool

  • Beach Access

  • Restaurant

  • Bar

This is a very old hotel and if you blink, you’ll miss it.  It’s quite scenic and reflects the East Cape when it was first being developed in the 1950s. Hotel Rancho Buena Vista serves as an icon in the recreational fishing history of the East Cape region of Baja California Sur. It’s worth stopping by and taking in the historical significance of Hotel Rancho Buena Vista and remembering Baja California’s Golden Age, during which sport fishing helped to establish tourism in Baja California. 


Directions from Casa Marlin Azul:When you get to the Hotel Buena Vista area, instead of turning right, turn left.  This will bring you back to Mex 1, the paved highway.  Turn right on Mex 1 and you’ll go a short distance and you’ll see a sign on your right for Hotel Rancho Buena Vista.  Drive on in and park, then relax and have a drink.  

Costa Palmas Marina
  • Boat Dock

  • Fishing Excursions

This is the marina where we normally meet Victor or Victor Jr. with the Victoria or Ma Victoria boatwhen going out fishing. It is a major development and under construction.  To get to it, you drive in, and through, La Ribera.  From Mex 1, just keep going straight until you cannot anymore.  Go through the city of La Ribera, and down the hill until you cannot go any further.  When you get to the bottom of the hill, turn left and you’ll see that the paved road in the city of La Ribera ends, and it becomes dirt.  Just a short distance further, you’ll see Marina Costa Palmas on your right.  When coming from our house, Casa Marlin Azul, the Marina will be on your left.  When entering, tell the guard that you are going fishing on the Victoria Fleet Fishing Charters with Victor or Victor Jr. and they will let you in.

Notable Staff Members: Joel is especially good at making margaritas. Don’t forget to say “Hi from Don Barry” to Francisco and Joel at the bar.  


Directions from Casa Marlin Azul: Rancho Leonero is located only a twenty-minute walk north up the beach from Casa Marlin Azul or a 7 or so minute drive north along the dirt road.  Marked by signs from the road, Rancho Leonero can also not be missed from the beach.

Costa Palmas Marina
Fishing the Sea of Cortez
Hiking Flat Top “Cerro de Corona” 
Anchor 1
Camprestre Triny
  • $

  • Whole Fried Red Snapper

  • Paloma

Great menu, large portions, reasonably priced, excellent service, and friendly staff. From chili rellenos to carne asada tacos, Campestre Triny offers authentic traditional Mexican fare. The house specialty of whole fried red snapper will leave you wanting to come back the next day. It also has arguably the best paloma in the East Cape. You’ll be dining side by side with the locals in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. It’s also known to be good with big groups. 


Directions: After you turn right off of Mex 1, go down to the bottom of the hill and turn left.  Drive past Tio Pablo’s and eventually you’ll see Compestre Trini on your left.  

Address: Calle 20 de Noviembre S/N, Los Barriles, Baja California Sur 23330

Phone Number: +52 624 124 8067

Hours: open every day, 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Tio Pablo's
  • $

  • Will Cook Your Catch

  • Veracruzana

  • Happy Hour

This is a staple.  Always good. Fun atmosphere. Great décor. Good place to bring your fresh catch as they will cook it for you.  Mojo de ajo (oil and garlic), fried, and Veracruzana (spicy tomato sauce) are all good. If you bring some dorado, marlin or grouper, have it cooked all 3 ways so you can try it all! They also serve ribs that fall off the bone as well as possibly the prime rib in Mexico and are known for generous portions. Rumor has it that they have a happy hour from 3:00 – 6:00 PM offering half price drinks. 


Directions: Like Compestre Trini, drive to the bottom of the hill and turn left. Tio’s is a few blocks up on your left. 

Address: 20 de Noviembre s/n, Centro, 23330 Los Barriles, B.C.S., Mexico

Phone Number: +52 624 141 0330

Hours: Mon-Thu 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Fri-Sat 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM 

Café Maria
  • $

  • Authentic

  • Coconut Shrimp

  • Flan

Very eclectic and GREAT FOOD. Arguably the best and most authentic Mexican restaurant in Los Barriles. Everything is good at Maria’s. No wonder guests consistently rave about their experience at Maria’s. The friendly staff will guide you through the Spanish-only menu. Rest assured that you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Coconut shrimp (camarones de coco) and traditional flan are undoubtedly favorites. 


Directions: Turn left at Tio Pablo’s and go up the hill.  It bends to the left and eventually you’ll see Maria’s.  

Address:Calle de Pantéon 53, Los Barriles, B.C.S., Mexico

Phone: +52 624 141 0511

Hours: Mon-Thu 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Sat-Sun 8:00 AM-10:00PM (closed on Fridays)

Smokey's Grill & Cantina
  • $

  • TVs for American Sports

  • Will Cook  Your Catch

  • Vacuum Sealing

Owned by the Moyers family since the mid 1990s, the Smokehouse is an American-style bar with flat screens. If there is a U.S. sports event, like a pro or college football or basketball game and you want to watch it, then go to the Smokehouse.  Also, they will cook your catch for you and process fish here.  If you want to have your catch cut up, vacuum packed, and frozen or smoked, then this is where you go. You’ll also want to come here for a comprehensive and up to date fishing report covering all of the East Cape waters.  


Directions from Casa Marlin Azul:  Turn right off of Mex 1 at the “Los Barriles fountain” and drive down the hill into the city.  

Address: Calle 20 Noviembre 113, Spa Buenavista, Los Barriles, B.C.S., Mexico

Hours: open every day from 11 AM – 10 PM



Restaurant Vista La Ribera
  • $$

  • Al Fresco Dining

  • Water Views

Restaurant Vista La Ribera is wonderful fine dining option in the East Cape, but pricey by La Ribera standards. We highly recommend it for its delicious menu, alfresco dining, and stunning views of the Cabo desert and sapphire blue waters of the Sea of Cortes. Paying close attention to detail, the staff will make you feel right at home.


Directions from Casa Marlin Azul:  When you drive into La Ribera, you will see an Oxxo on your right, and the road splits. If you want to get to Casa Marlin Azul, continue straight.  If you want to go to Restaurant Vista La Ribera, (or to Cabo Pulmo), take a right. 

Address: La Ribera Cabo Pulmo Km. 13.5, Camino Cabo Este, 23570 La Ribera, B.C.S., Mexico

Phone: +52 624 161 2834

Hours: Open daily from 7 AM – 10 PM 


Restaurant Doña Vickey
  • $

  • Stuffed Potato & Pepper

This is a staple restaurant.  Their stuffed potato (papa rellenos) and stuffed pepper (chili rellenos) are both fantastic. Because they cook what is in season, they sometimes won't have certain items on the menu.


Directions from Casa Marlin Azul:  When heading from Casa Marlin Azul toward La Ribera, you’ll pass the Costa Palmas Marina on your left.  Keep going straight and when the dirt road becomes pavement, take your first right turn.  I believe that this is Boulevard Juan Castro.  Take it up until you pass Victor’s compound and take the next left.  This will take you to another cement street, which is the main road in from Mex 1.  Turn right (you should see a Farmacia on your left, across the street where I’m telling you to turn right).  Look for the next street to the left that is paved with Cement.  Turn left at this cement-paved street and continue down for some distance.  You’ll see Doña Vicky’s restaurant on the left about 6-8 blocks up on the left. You’ll be on a cement paved street, and Doña Vicky is on a dirt street.  If you get lost, just ask anyone, “Donde esta Doña Vicky?”.  

Address: 5 de febrero e/ mar de cortes 23570 La Ribera, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Phone: +52 624 166 4380

Hours: every day 8 AM – 10 PM

Restaurant Efren's
  • $$

  • View of La Ribera

  • Al Fresco

  • Tree House Atmosphere

  • Margaritas

Enjoy delicious fresh seafood and their secret family recipe for margaritas. Climb up the steps when you arrive to the al fresco restaurant that provides diners with a fantastic view of La Ribera. A real gem of a restaurant, Efren’s (named after the owner) is known for its friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff. Guests first come here for the view, but they keep coming back for the world class food in a cozy setting. 


Address: Carretrera A Cabo pulmo Km 12 S/N, La Ribera, 23570 Los Cabos, B.C.S., Mexico

Phone: +52 624 100 4264

Hours: open every day 10 AM – 10 PM

Providencia Restaurante Bar & Grill
  • $

  • Fresh Fish Daily

  • Will Cook Your Catch

  • Al Fresco Dining

Only a stone’s throw away from Casa Marlin Azul, Providencia offers a great menu in an airy and inviting atmosphere. With colorful Mexican décor, this is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy lunch or dinner. Their menu changes depending on the fish caught that day, and they’ll happily prepare your catch. Everything is fresh. They have the best flan in the East Cape.  


Address: Calle Josefina Castillo / 5 De Febrero, La Ribera, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Phone: +52 624 130 0161

Hours: open every day 1 PM – 10 PM

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